My double life as a bike courier

The dispatcher, or dispo – i.e. the person who oversees the clientèle, orders, journeys and bike couriers – first sends me 6km from the 11th to the 10th district of Vienna. Up and down hills, bypaths, through the early morning traffic: 20 minutes later the tax consultant’s receptionist smiles and hands over a folder. I then travel 13km through the city to the 1st district. That’s where I call the dispo – “I’m available at Gonzagagasse!”

Sometimes I only get one job; other days I receive several and that means plenty of note-taking and/or memorising. Once the tasks are complete I call the dispo for new jobs. Recently, I reported back following a delivery to the concierge at a penal institution on Landesgerichtsstraße road with “I’m available at the prison!”.

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